CHIKO ROLLS 12 S(170G) 6×2.04KG

CHIKO ROLLS 12 S(170G) 6×2.04KG



CHIKO ROLLS 12 S(170G) 6×2.04KG

Today, Chiko brings you everyone’s favourite snacks in easy take home packs – like the original Chiko Roll. Meat and vegies in a delicious crunchy coating, it’s still the best one-handed snack around. So what are you waiting for, grab a Chiko Roll today.

  • Pack Size650g
  • Serving Size162g
  • Servings per package4
Average Quantity QTY PER SERVING QTY PER 100g
ENERGY 1300kJ 801kJ
PROTEIN 8.7g 5.4g
FAT   -total 9.2g 5.7g
        -saturated 3.9g 2.4g
CARBOHYDRATE 45.7g 28.2g
        -sugars 3.4g 2.1g
FIBRE 3.9g 2.4g
SODIUM 647mg 399mg

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